Which Indian state States share boundaries with Pakistan?

Four Indian states share a border with Pakistan: Punjab (547 km), Rajasthan (1,035 km), Gujarat (512 km) and Jammu & Kashmir (1,216 km), with a combined shared border of 3,310 km. Each of these states has the potential to build economic and political ties with the provinces of Pakistan.

Which state of India shares the longest boundary with Pakistan?

Jammu and Kashmir shares the longest border with Pakistan which has a length of 1222 km. Jammu and Kashmir is followed by Rajasthan which has a length of 1179 km, after this comes Gujarat with 506 km and finally Punjab with 425 km long border.

Which state does share the boundary with Pakistan?

Three Indian states and one UT share a border with Pakistan: Punjab (547 km), Rajasthan (1,035 km), Gujarat (512 km), and Jammu & Kashmir (1,216 km), with a combined shared border of 3,310 km. India–Pakistan Border is quite intriguing.

Is Ladakh share boundary with Pakistan?

It is bounded by Jammu and Kashmir union territory to the west and by Himachal Pradesh to the south; its northern and eastern borders are disputed with Pakistan and China, respectively. Ladakh was administered as part of Jammu and Kashmir state from 1947 until 2019, when it became a separate administrative unit.

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Does Himachal Pradesh share its border with Pakistan?

Himachal Pradesh in India does not get the border from Pakistan. The India-Pakistan Border runs from the LOC which separates Kashmir in the north, the Zero Point that separates Gujarat and Rajasthan in the south from Sindh in Pakistan, and the Wagah that separates Punjab in the east.

Does Gujarat shares border with Pakistan?

Detailed Solution. The Correct Answer is Pakistan. Gujarat shares its border with Pakistan. The state is bounded primarily by Pakistan to the northwest and by the Indian states of Rajasthan to the north, Madhya Pradesh to the east, and Maharashtra to the southeast.

Does Punjab share border with Pakistan?

The correct answer is Pakistan. Punjab shares its border with Pakistan. India-Pakistan border is also known as International Border (IB). It is stretched from Jammu and Kashmir at the north to the Zero Point between Gujarat in India and Sindh province in Pakistan.

Which Indian state does not share its boundary with Pakistan?

The dry and Arid Thar region forms a major part of it. The state of Gujarat forms a boundary running along marshy areas of the Sir Creek region. Hence by eliminating the options we can that it is the state of Haryana that does not have any boundary with Pakistan.

Does Haryana share border with Pakistan?

– To the North-East, it is bounded by the Himachal Pradesh. – To the South and South-East, it is bounded by the Haryana. – To the South-West, it is bounded by the Rajasthan. – To the West, it is bounded by the Pakistan.

Shikha Goyal.

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State Total Length (in Km)
Gujarat 506 Km
Punjab 425 Km
TOTAL 3,323 Km

Which state has common land and sea boundary with Pakistan?

The Gujarat state shares its land borders with Sindh state province of West Pakistan. And the Arabian sea serves as a common sea boundary for Gujarat and Pakistan states. Hence, Gujarat is the Indian state which shares both land and sea boundary with Pakistan.

How many states have common border with Punjab?

Details:Punjab shares its border with four states Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Punjab also share border with Pakistan.

Which Indian states share border with Nepal?

With an area of 147,181 sq. km and a population of 29 million, Nepal shares a border of about 1850 km with five Indian States – Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Sikkim.

What is the name of Pak China border?

The Khunjerab Pass is the only modern day border crossing between China and Pakistan, accessed via the Karakorum Highway.

Which Indian states share border with Bhutan?

Bhutan shares borders with the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh in its east, Sikkim in the west and Assam and West Bengal in the south. The Himalayan kingdom also shares border with Nepal and China.