Where do you upload Investment proofs when filing a return?

How do I submit an investment proof while filing ITR?

Copy of the stamped deposit receipt, paid during current financial year as PPF proof for tax. Copy of investment certificate with the employee name, Investment Date, Amount, Type of Investment. Copy of investment certificate with the employee name, Investment Date, Amount, Type of Investment.

Can I submit investment proofs while filing returns?

You can claim them during return filing, even though they don’t appear on your Form 16 since you could not intimate your employer. Or you may have made those investments after the last date given by the employer for proof submission (but you make investments for deductions before 31st March of the financial year).

Do I need to submit any documents or proofs with my tax return?

The income tax return you file is an ‘annexure less’ return, i.e. no documents or proofs are required to be attached with the returns.

What will happen if I don’t submit investment proof?

“If you have not submitted your investment proofs, the employer has no choice but to deduct taxes and report them in the TDS section. However, if you make the investments before March 31 and declare it while filing the ITR for this year, you can apply for a tax refund,” says Archit Gupta, founder & CEO, Cleartax.

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Can I submit investment proofs without declaration?

But if you did not submit your investment declaration form, your monthly salary slip can throw you off. If you missed your investment declaration deadline, your employer would have over-calculated your tax liability and deduct the excess tax due from your salary for the following month.

What is investment proof submission form?

The Form 12BB is a statement of claims by an employee for deduction of tax. … Using Form 12BB, an employee has to declare the investments that they have made during the year. Documentary evidence of these investments and expenses have to be provided at the end of the financial year as well.

How do I submit proof for LTA?

Procedure to Claim LTA

Every employer announces the due date within which LTA can be claimed by the employees and may require employees to submit proof of travel such as tickets, boarding pass, invoice provided by travel agent etc along with the mandatory declaration.

What is the last date for investment Proof Submission 2021?

If you are an employee working for a certain organization, you will by now be aware of the last date to submit your investment proofs and also the consequences of not doing so. For most companies, this date is 10 March as proactiveness ensures that no extra tax is deducted from an employee’s salary.

What are investment proofs?

They can do this by submitting documents declaring their yearly expenses on House Rent and the investments that they propose to make in the financial year. As these documents assist in proving their investments, they are called proofs of investment (POI).

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How do I upload documents to TurboTax?

My DocsTM is available in all paid TurboTax Online products or by adding PLUS to Free Edition.

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account. …
  2. Scroll down to Your tax returns & documents. …
  3. Select My Docs.
  4. Select Upload and select the document you want to upload.
  5. Answer the questions and select Done or Upload another tax form.