How is share unit of strata title calculated?

The First Schedule Formula is as follows: Allocated share unit of parcel = (area of parcel x WF1 x WF2) + (area of accessory parcel x WF3).

How is share/unit calculated?

The share units of a parcel are the area of that parcel multiplied by the weightage factor for that type of parcel and the weightage factor for the entire floor parcel. If there is any accessory parcel, the area of the accessory parcel is multiplied by a weightage factor for that accessory parcel.

How is strata share value calculated?

In a residential development, it’s is largely determined by the gross floor area (GFA) of your property. This starts at a share value of 5 for every 50 square metres. So if your GFA is 120 square meters, you’d have a share value of 7.

What is Per share unit?

Essentially, share units are the numbers assigned to each parcel by the developer’s licensed land surveyor to determine maintenance charges, sinking fund and other outgoings. This ensures that any payments due from each parcel owner are calculated in an equitable and transparent manner.

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What is share/unit strata title?

What is it? Basically, share unit is a numerical representation of the benefits and liabilities relating to a strata owner’s parcel. In other words, the more the share units, the more the service charges that need to be paid, and the more the voting rights – there is absolutely no rocket science about this.

What is strata title Malaysia?


An Act to facilitate the subdivision of building into parcels and the disposition of titles and for purposes connected therewith. [Peninsular Malaysia and. Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur—1 June 1985, P.U. (B) 276/1985] WHEREAS it is desired to introduce in the form of a Strata Titles.

What is certificate of share/unit formula SiFUS?

SiFUS refers to the Certificate of Share Unit Formula (Sijil Formula Unit Syer – SiFUS) which is to be issued by the Land and Mines Office (PTG) prior to the commencement of the sale of strata properties.

What is share value in property?

The share value of a property is a figure that represents the proportionate share entitlement assigned to each strata unit in the same development. The purpose of the share value is to determine the amount of shares each owner has in relation to the other owners in the development. Example.

What is the initial period in strata?

The initial period is the period commencing on the day the strata plan is registered (when the owners’ corporation is created) and expiring on the day when there are owners of lots (other than the original owner) in the strata scheme, whose total unit entitlements are equal to or exceed one-third of the aggregate unit …

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Is HDB a strata title?

Unlike private property owners, HDB flat buyers cannot initiate collective sales of their homes, unless picked under the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). HDB flat buyers also do not own a strata title for the land, and have no share of the land unlike private property sold under strata titles.

How are common shares calculated?

Common Stock = Total Equity – Preferred Stock – Additional Paid-in Capital – Retained Earnings + Treasury Stock

  1. Common Stock = $1,000,000 – $300,000 – $200,000 – $100,000 + $100,000.
  2. Common Stock = $500,000.

How is share price calculated?

To figure out how valuable the shares are for traders, take the last updated value of the company share and multiply it by outstanding shares. Another method to calculate the price of the share is the price to earnings ratio.

How do you calculate number of shares?

If you know the market cap of a company and you know its share price, then figuring out the number of outstanding shares is easy. Just take the market capitalization figure and divide it by the share price. The result is the number of shares on which the market capitalization number was based.

How is maintenance fee calculated?


The Operating Expenditures plus the Reserve Fund Contribution equals the Common Expense Contribution (CEC). Each owner then pays a percentage of the CEC based on their % of ownership in the Corporation. You can find the percentage breakdown of shares in your condo declaration.

How much is condo maintenance fee in Singapore?

Most condos have maintenance fees of around $250 to $350 per month. The fee will vary based on the share value of your unit; the bigger the floor space of your property, the higher of the maintenance costs.

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How do you use SiFUS?

Documents Required for Strata title application:

  1. Certified copy of the final title.
  2. Copy of CPSP application fee receipt.
  3. Proposed strata plan.
  4. Endorsed building plan.
  5. Copy of sale and purchase agreement.
  6. Reference no. of parcel schedule that had filed to the COB.
  7. Copy of SIFUS.