Does Airtel share data?

Can I share data from Airtel to Airtel?

Data Me2U also known as Data Share – allows you to transfer data from your existing data allowance to another Airtel customer. Recipient can be another customer e.g your friend, family etc or just your other device with an Airtel line.

How do you check if you are sharing data on Airtel?

Like any other Airtel data plan bundle, you can easily check your data balance by dialing *140# USSD code on your phone.

How can I stop sharing data on Airtel?

How To Unshare Data With An Airtel Subscriber

  1. Launch your default messaging app.
  2. Send a text in the format “Del Space the Phone number“ to 121. Take, for example, I want to stop sharing my data bundle with my friend whose phone number is 07064319290. The message will be in this format “ DEL 07064319290 ” to 121.

How can I transfer 500mb data on Airtel?

Here is how to share internet data on Airtel:

  1. Visit the official Airtel website
  2. Or you can dial *129*101#.
  3. Now enter your Airtel mobile number and login with OTP.
  4. After entering OTP, you will get an option to transfer you Airtel internet data from one mobile number to another mobile number.
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How can I get free data on Airtel?

How to get Airtel 10GB 4G Data for FREE:

  1. In your Dial pad, Dial – 5999555 (Toll Free) – Free 10 GB. Other offers to get Free Airtel Free 4G Internet Data. Free 2 GB Airtel 4G Data – Missed Call on 52122. …
  2. You will receive success message for ‘Airtel 10GB Daily Free 4G Data for 28 Days’
  3. Check You Balance With My Airtel App.

How do I stop sharing data?

Try this instead:

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. At the top, select Reports or Data Sources.
  3. Browse or search for the asset you want to stop sharing.
  4. On the right, click More .
  5. Click Share.
  6. At the bottom right of the “Share with others” window, click Advanced.
  7. Next to the person you want to stop sharing with, click Remove .

How do I know who is sharing my data?

Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. On your phone, dial *127*00#
  2. In less than a minute, a list of all the people you share your Internet bundles will pop up.

How can I call Airtel customer care?

Airtel Customer Care Number – Contact Us @121.

What is Airtel customer care number in Nigeria?

To call us, just dial 111 from your Airtel phone. You can also dial +234 802 150 0111 if you are not using an Airtel phone or if you are abroad. Visit us at Plot L2 Banana Island, Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

How do I share data with MTN?

Data Gifting

  1. How to Gift MTN Data.
  2. Transfer Data: You can now transfer from your existing Data Balance with your friends and family: Simply dial *131*Phone number* Data amount# or, text Transfer<space>Phone number<space>Data amount and to 131.
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How do I check my data share on MTN?

MTN Shared Data Balance

To check your shared data balance, simply dial *461*7#.

How can I transfer Airtel binge data?

Roll over your unused data and receive up to a whooping 100% bonus. Simply re-subscribe before your data expires. Dial *141# to get started now.

Can I share data from Airtel to MTN?

With no restriction whatsoever, you can transfer data to any number, anywhere and at any time. You might have an Airtel line, and still able to transfer 1GB to a friend or family member whose service provider is MTN.

How can I do Airtel transfer?

The Airtel transfer code for this transaction is *432*AirtelNumber*Amount# There is no service fee for this kind of transfer. There is no limitation to the number of times you can transfer in a day, a week or in a month. There is also no limitation on amount that can be transferred.